Michelle- aka "Numbers" is our realist and financier. She brings Her love for Animals and Arts to the table. Her Vegan Lifestyle has introduced us all to her love for "sad pizza".

Last, but not least, is Mike - AKA "the fuzz". Mike serves as self appointed beard expert and wookie impersonator. He's a giant man-child with a passion for marching band and office supplies. He also shares a love of beer, sports, and humor with his bestie, Jodi. 

Denice-aka "the Taskmaster" is our motivator and community outreach specialist. She is the resource for Family, Music and fashion and we love her for it!   

JODI- aka"The Dreamer", she's our resident expert in culture and history as well as a fine visionary. Also bringing with  her a fondness for showtunes and obscure 80's movies.

BestTees Shirt Co.  is the brainchild of four best friends who love life, humor, and helping others smile. Each of these friends brings a unique characteristic to the group so When all four are together, it's like magic.  Hopefully,  you have a group of friends in your life that is similar!  ​​